Need Help? - How to shop on our website

If you need help and want to know more about online shopping and how to shop on our website, you came to the right place.

It's very easy. There is basically no difference between a normal supermarket and an online shop. Just like a normal supermarket, you have to select items from the shelf and put them in your cart or trolley. In the case of an online shop, you have to click on “Add to Cart” to be able to put it in your cart.

From time to time you can also take a look to see what is currently in your cart. You might decide to take out or delete some of the items. This can be done by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" or the big black button at the top of your page.

If you need to buy two or more of the same item, just change the "Quantity" and click "update". The system will then change the total to two or more in your shopping cart and calculate the total amount for two or more automatically.

After you have done your shopping, you have to, in the same manner as at the supermarket, proceed to the "checkout (Till)" to pay for your items in your basket.

In the case of online shopping click on "Checkout" in the “Shopping Cart” page or at the top o the page. This is where you will be asked how you want to pay for the shopping in your basket and to tell us what address to send your shopping (products) to.

If you are a "New Customer" and it is the first time you are buying products from us, then click "Continue" and register your details, - or if you are a "Returning Customer" and bought from us before, then please enter your email address and password you have used before to register and click "Login" in order to login to your account.

Complete your billing and delivery details, - Choose the delivery method, - Add a comment to your order if you wish, - Select your payment method, - Make sure you aggree to our Terms & Conditions and then confirm your order. ( All this can be done by clicking the "Continue" button every time)

Payment methods:

• Bank Transfer – via Internet banking. (We prefer this option)

• Cash Bank Payment – (Select "Bank Transfer" for this option) Here you need to go to our bank to deposit the money in our account. (Banking fees will apply)

• Pay now using PayFast - for Credit or Debit Cards via PayFast. Please Note: - Orders more than R5000.00 by Credit or Debit Card will not be allowed. This is for security reasons.

• Mobicred - (Select "Pay now using PayFast" for this option) - Please Note: - Orders more than R5000.00 by Mobicred will not be allowed. This is for security reasons.

What will happen after you have clicked the Confirm Order button.

For "Bank Transfer" you will receive an email with your order and our banking details and other information.

For “Pay now using PayFast” and "Mobicred" you will be directed to PayFast, where you can pay securely. (Follow instructions)

We will also soon after this confirm your order via email and the items you ordered will be delivered soon via courier, straight to your physical address. If you have decided that you are collecting your order, we will let you know when to collect.

There you are. Was that so difficult? In fact, this is what you do everyday - Going shopping!

How to print an Invoice/Quotation from our website:

Select the products on our website and add it to your cart by clicking “Add to Cart”
Then click “Shopping Cart” at the top of the page.
This will display all the items you have added to the shopping cart. If you are satisfied then you can click “Checkout”.
You can now register as a New Customer or login as a Returning Customer and then complete all your relevant information. Please choose “Bank Transfer” as your payment option. This will provide our banking details on the Invoice/Quotation
After completing all the details, tick the box that you agree with our Terms and Conditions and click “Continue”
You will then need to “Confirm “ your order.
You will now be able to print an Invoice/Quotation.
When you are ready and want to accept the Invoice/ Quotation, you can then just pay for the order and the products will be delivered to you.

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